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meetings related to European and Worldwide cultural integrationis dedicated to the understanding and spreading of Eastern European Cultural heritage around the world. Our purpose is to organize public campaigns in order to raise awareness on Eastern European cultural aspects pursuing their integration in the world heritage of Mankind through public Little March The ,lectures, seminars, study sessions or other suitable methods for this purpose.Also we aim to promote general intellectual occupations and moral enlightenment.

In order to carry out this valuable work, which is offered free of charge, the 

Little March relies entirely on Membership, donations  and possible legacies, for all its running expenses, which include rental of goods and halls for our meetings.


We therefore invite you to help in this worthwhile cause by your voluntary contribution each month in the form of MEMBERSHIP, or by giving a donation so we may continue this work.

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We wanted to develop an alternative to an intervention model to combat poverty among abandoned children on the street in Bucharest.

The organization developed and is currently addressing vulnerable social categories, although children are the primary focus of our foundation.

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